Smarter Exercise.
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Build strength and create a strong foundation of heart, muscle and bone for a long, healthy & active life.


This is not a fancypants facility.  This is simply science enabled by technology.  The science – and the studies – are real. 


Our machines track your effort over time, and our body analyzer creates milestones to track your goals.


Given up on the traditional workout?

The conventional wisdom says you have to spend hours in the gym, swinging heavy weights and using cardio machines for hours on end.  But studies show this will hurt you over the long term with negative effects on your quality of life.

The science says the traditional workout is bunk, and we can prove it.  It may be satisfying when you’re 25 years old to quickly toss heavy weights around for an hour, but those of us that are older know there is a price to pay for uncontrolled, joint-damaging movements.  If your goal is to use fitness to enable you to do more satisfying activities — such as golf, surfing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding — then make sure your fitness routine isn’t taking your time or your health away.

Fitness Prometheus is a small, private training facility that, unlike traditional gyms, is designed to minimize damage to your body while maximizing the health benefits of every minute spent working there.  The few pieces of equipment we use were specifically chosen for efficiency and the scientific studies proving effectiveness.


Build Strength in 15 Minutes a Week

Whether you are male or female, 40 or 80, strength training should be the cornerstone of your fitness regimen. 

Building strength is the only way to gain back the lean body we had when we were younger, when we burned more calories and were more fit.  It is the only way to grow stronger bones.  It is the only way to build and maintain a strong body that can handle falls and other seemingly simple physical issues that cause major complications as we get older.  It is the only consistent method to lower bodyfat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Prometheus uses the most advanced strength training machines on the planet — the ARX. This technology allows an infinite set of protocols — which includes completely exhausting and stressing muscles in a single set in a controlled and safe manner. It’s short, and it requires hard work in as little as 15 minutes a week. The science and the evidence proves it.


The Vasper Anti-Aging Machine

Prometheus has the only publicly available Vasper unit in Oregon. Both a cardiovascular interval trainer and a recovery tool, the Vasper creates the same response in your body as a 1+ hour workout, releasing repair and growth hormones without actually incurring the damage to muscle that an hour and a half Crossfit workout does. This allows that repair function to work on other items for the body and the hormones to directly benefit your body. Scientifically proven and used for many applications — from concussion and injury recovery to increasing available testosterone in healthy individuals. Professional athletes use it to shorten recovery times between games. It has been shown to lowers cortisol, making it a great sleep aid.
At Vasper Headquarters at NASA Ames Research Park, the Vasper is so accessible it is regularly used by Parkinson’s patients, and the oldest active client is over 90 years old.
The core Vasper protocol is 10 minutes of warmup, 10 minutes of high intensity interval exercise, and 10 minutes of rest. If you’re 40 or over – male or female – 2-3 Vasper sessions a week will improve your mood, boost your hormone profile, and help your body heal itself — all naturally, using your own biology.


Scientifically Proven Time-Efficient Cardio

Face it:  exercising for an hour to lose fat is unsustainable.  At 3,500 calories per pound of fat, even the slightest dietary slip erases any benefits.   And doing cardio for hours on end actually removes the body’s incentive to maintain lean body mass, which is what you need in the long run to stay heathly and burn fat all day long. 

Prometheus has imported CAR.O.L (also known in the UK as High Octane Ride).    In a 10 minute workout, CAR.O.L warms you up, then engages you in a 20 second sprint that is customized and adjusted for you.  It cools you down, and then hits you with another high intensity 20 second sprint, and then a final cooldown.  You don’t even have time to raise your body temperature – you don’t sweat!

CAR.O.L is scientifically proven to be more effective than a 45 minute jog. With an Artificial Intelligence that learns your power and adjusts as you go, it is the most effective cardio equipment on the market.  Of course, the data shows this protocol, 3 times a week, is more effective at improving your body and trimming your waistline than 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.   

This is your sustainable, high-improvement, low-injury cardio solution.  CAR.O.L is also massively effective at amplifying intermittent fasting.  Come try it in the morning, or just before you head to happy hour.  It’s self-serve – come in, log in, and get it done.


Fit3D Body Scanner

Whether you use Prometheus’ other services or not, come in to measure your fitness goals with our Fit3D. It creates a 3d model of your body and allows you to compare progress over time. It gives you 20+ measurements, statistics on your health, and estimates your body composition using machine learning. It also can be used to order tailored clothes. It’s a great tool to track milestones.


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