The CAROL High Intensity Ride

Reduced Exertion High Intensity Interval Training (REHIT) is a fancy term for a protocol that minimizes the time doing cardio but potentially gets better results than traditional cardio.

And it keeps you from wasting time.

The equipment at Prometheus is all about creating an effective stimulus so that your body improves. Oxygen utilization. Insulin response. Waist size.

The point of exercise is to create this stimulus to improve. It isn’t actually the exercise that creates the improvement — it’s the body’s response to being pushed past everyday limits that creates the improvements. At some point, I realized that most cardio machines aren’t honest about calories burned — even if the measurements are correct, which for non-scientific equipment, they most certainly are not — they don’t show you how many calories you’d burn just sitting in a chair for the same amount of time.

The point of cardio isn’t to burn calories during the exercise. Unless you are an athlete dedicating a lot of time to your sport, you’re simply not going to control your calories with exercise. And exercising for long periods of time does put wear and tear on your joints. As people get older, this becomes more of an issue. The goal is to get the improvements from cardio with minimal body damage.

That’s where the CAROL AI comes in. It uses a REHIT protocol that’s 10 minutes long, total, including warmup and cooldown. In that 10 minute period, you put all your effort into 2 separate sprints, both 20 seconds long. That’s it. You barely have enough time to raise your body temperature or even sweat. That’s why the images of CAROL often have folks in business attire — in the UK, they’ve been putting these in offices and getting high success rates. The short time and the positive results mean people keep coming back.

The bike and the technology has been featured on a BBC documentary special “The truth about Getting Fit” You’ll note that the bike they’re using — it’s a CAROL. Since then, there have been more than a few studies validating the claims. The most recent is a study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (a fitness certification and education group) and Western Colorado University, where two cohorts followed a training regimen for 8 weeks. One used traditional steady-state exercise, 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. The other used CAROL’s 10 minute protocol, three times a week. That’s 150/minutes a week versus 30.

Both groups recorded improvements, but the CAROL group actually exceeded the steady-state group in all categories. Cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, blood sugar, and even waist circumference all had significantly better improvements on the CAROL.

That’s 10 minutes a day. 3 times a week. Admittedly, during those 20 second sprints, you’re working out hard. But you’ll find yourself coming back over and over again as the bike measures your performance and tracks your progress. This is truly the best time you can spend exercising.

Prometheus has two bikes, and we’re setting them up on the schedule. Sign up for an introduction today. Be sure to create your account before your first ride to track your progress.

A summary of the ACE and Western Colorado Study can be found here and also on the American Council on Exercise website.