The fitness studio is open again by appointment only! An advantage of our space is that we always limited the number of people in the studio – rarely did we have more than 3 at any time, including our trainer. Even so, while we re-open, we are now further limiting the number of people in…
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3 Tricks to Cut Workout Time to 15 Minutes/Week

When I started weight lifting in the late 1980s as a teen, there was hardly any information available beyond proto-bro bodybuilding magazines might provide. And as you might guess, those magazines were only out to sell more magazines and whatever products they were sponsoring. I mostly stuck to running and mountain biking. Strength training wouldn’t…
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Measuring Strength with ARX

When a client starts a strength training series with us, we measure their initial strength and compare with a followup. To be effective, this means we have to have the same exact conditions for both tests — which the ARX lets us do. We test clients over three standard exercises in static mode for 20…
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The CAROL High Intensity Ride

Reduced Exertion High Intensity Interval Training (REHIT) is a fancy term for a protocol that minimizes the time doing cardio but potentially gets better results than traditional cardio. And it keeps you from wasting time. The equipment at Prometheus is all about creating an effective stimulus so that your body improves. Oxygen utilization. Insulin response.…
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